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Jumat, 26 Januari 2024, 04:47 WIB
Last Updated 2024-01-25T21:47:21Z

Polres Salatiga Holds Routine Spiritual and Mental Development Activity for Personnel


Report: Bang Nur

SALATIGAPOS.COM | In an effort to enhance faith and devotion to Allah SWT, Salatiga Police Resort consistently organizes the Spiritual and Mental Development activity.

On Thursday, January 25, 2024, the event took place at Masjid Sunan Kalijaga Polres Salatiga for Muslim participants and at the Open Garage Work Space (OGWS) for Christians, commencing at 08:30 AM.

The activity was attended by Salatiga Police Chief AKBP Aryuni Novitasari, M.Psi., M.Si., Psi, Salatiga Police Deputy Chief KOMPOL Iman Sudiyantoro S.H., M.H, Police officials, non-commissioned officers, and civil servants of Salatiga Police who are of Islamic faith.

Ustadzah Himmatul Azizah delivered a sermon emphasizing the importance of performing the five daily prayers with devotion.

The event's organizer, Kompol Jumaeri SH, Head of HR at Salatiga Police Resort, conveyed that the objective is to improve and strengthen the faith and devotion of the personnel, making every duty performed a form of worship.

He stressed the significance of discipline in carrying out religious practices, hoping that this routine activity will mold better police officers who are devout, disciplined in worship, and courteous in serving the community.(*)