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Jumat, 26 Januari 2024, 04:39 WIB
Last Updated 2024-01-26T07:24:42Z

KPU Salatiga Officially Inaugurates 4,564 Election Ballot Organizers for 2024 Elections


Report: Slamet Riyadi

Editor: Bang Nur

SALATIGAPOS.COM | The Chairman of the Salatiga City Election Commission (KPU) officially inaugurated 4,564 members of the Election Ballot Organizing Group (KPPS) for the 2024 Elections at the Seed and Plantation Office Building in Central Java on Thursday (25/1/2024).

The inauguration took place at the Regional Meeting Hall (GPD) and the Indoor Tennis Building. The KPPS members are assigned to 652 polling stations (TPS) and will serve for the next month following the inauguration.

Prior to the election, they synchronized the Voter List (DPT) at each polling station. The Acting Mayor of Salatiga, Head of Bakesbangpol, Subdistrict Head, Village Head, and other guests were present at the ceremony.

Chairman of KPU Salatiga, Yesaya Tiluata, conveyed the official message from the Chairman of KPU RI. The national inauguration involved 5,741,127 members for 820,161 polling stations.

"Today, 5,709,898 tree seedlings were planted as an environmental conservation effort, replacing 65,998 tons of election paper," he said.

Rifandi, a KPPS member from Dukuh Village (TPS 002), expressed his motivation to ensure the success of the 2024 Elections.

Acting Mayor Yasip Khasani hoped that KPPS members would carry out their duties responsibly and coordinate for the success of the elections.

A commitment was also made to ensure the health of KPPS members through coordination with the Health Department. (*)