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Selasa, 16 Januari 2024, 19:17 WIB
Last Updated 2024-01-16T12:22:27Z

Inspiring Transformation, Tausiah and Motivation Light Up Rutan Salatiga


Reporter: S Riyadi

SALATIGAPOS.COM - Rutan Salatiga introduces a new wave of inspiration for Inmates in the Salatiga Penitentiary, bringing in the motivational figures Hardadi, the boss of cassava cheese D9, and Ustadz Jay Nurjaman (Kang Jay).

 The event, themed '(Hijrah Ke Jalan Allah) - Strengthening Hearts Amidst the Storm of Trials,' drew participation from hundreds of Inmates and took place within the confines of Rutan Salatiga on Tuesday (16/01/2024).

Head of Rutan Salatiga, Redy Agian, stated that the religious discourse and motivation activities aim to fortify the faith and piety of the Inmates, providing them with positive tools for their return to society as resilient and beneficial individuals.

"These religious discourse and motivation activities are efforts to strengthen the faith and piety of the Inmates, serving as positive preparation for their return to society as strong and impactful individuals," he expressed.

Redy emphasized that these students (Inmates) are a part of his life, and he feels responsible for guiding them towards a righteous path. He encouraged them not to lose hope and to strive to become better individuals.

Meanwhile, the cassava cheese boss, Hardadi, urged the Inmates not to despair and to maintain their enthusiasm, emphasizing that a good life brings blessings.

Ustadz Jay Nurjaman, during his religious discourse, reminded the Inmates that Rutan Salatiga is not a place of evil but an opportunity provided by Allah for repentance and transformation towards a righteous path.

Kang Jay expressed that everyone has the right to receive grace and follow the path of Allah, leading to eventual entry into paradise. In a friendly interaction between the staff and Inmates, Kang Jay encouraged dialogue to understand the aspirations of the Inmates, emphasizing that Allah does not judge based on one's status but on their piety.

Prior to this event, Rutan Salatiga had implemented various rehabilitation programs, including today's religious education session, aiming to equip the Inmates with religious knowledge and pave the way for them to become better individuals.